Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Disney Princesses on Denisse's 7th Birthday

I’ve heard that a child’s 7th birthday has to be celebrated with a party or something that the birthday girl wants if resources are available. Rem and I have attended two 7th birthdays already among her friends, and she had been asked to be one of the princesses on both as both parties had Disney Princesses as their themes.Last June 12 was her cousin Denisse’s 7th birthday and her mom had been so excited preparing a party for her. Denisse wanted to wear a Snow White costume, so her mom decided to surprise her by having the other Princesses present. Good thing, her mommy friends and relatives were all supportive of her plan and the surprise happened which made the birthday girl very happy.

Dora the Mermaid

Then and Now

For Rem who initially wore her Ariel costume on her 4th birthday (August 2009), I decided to cut the mermaid’s tail so it would fit. My inspiration was her auntie Loida’s gift (Dora the Mermaid doll) for her when she was only three. You just press a button and the tail could turn into a mini-skirt. Let’s just think that she has finally met her Prince Charming so she’s got her human legs already (smiley). This Dora mermaid doll used to have long hair, but she just cut it for them to be look-alike according to her.

The Disney Princesses

So I said, we’ve already been able to enjoy the costume’s worth as it had already been worn twice. The other Princesses present were Cinderella, Aurora and Snow White - the birthday girl. The party was fun, in fact, these princesses (with the others kids) danced and participated on the other parts of the program. I’m sure it was a celebration truly memorable especially for Denisse. With that, a salute to cousin, Melanie for a job well done, and to the others (family) who helped her pull it through. Happy Birthday again, Denisse and God bless you always.


  1. Cutie princesses!
    belated Happy Birthday to Denisse!
    I am also thinking of having a birthday party for my little boy on his 7th birthday.

  2. My girls' birthdays are still 6 months away from now but my eldest is already planning and thinking of having the same theme, too!

    Happy birthday, Denisse!

  3. Great party1 I'm sure the birthday girl loved it!

  4. Great job on little mermaid's tail- love the innovation! :) Your princess is really pretty with her costume.. looks like they had fun.. :)

    Have a nice day! :)

    Eds of

  5. Lovely costumes! Mahirap mag-plan ng party pero once nakita mo na na enjoy ang kids, it's worth it na din. Masakit nga lang sa bulsa. Hehe.

    Btw, sis...add ka ng option for Name/URL para sa self-hosted blogs. :)