Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Queen Latifah Show

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There is something that I look forward to watch on TV these days. Thanks to 2ndAvenue channel for bringing us "The Queen Latifah Show". I was able to watch its pilot episode, and I told myself, "I am so loving this show". I consider myself lucky to have watched the first episode as one of the guests was none other than, Mr. John Travolta. When I'm just home, I make sure I get to watch this. She is just so great at what she's doing, her humor wows everyone, and the guests are really big names in Hollywood. I also like the idea of how the show is helping others. It is also very inspirational when they feature different people that are making a difference in their own ways. I'm sure this will run for a long time. Congratulations, Queen Latifah and to everyone in the show. More Powe!

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