Friday, April 19, 2013

The Effective Cure for Chapped Lips

I thought lips could only suffer from dryness to being chapped when it's extremely cold, but, I was wrong because I just suffered from it last week. It lasted for two days, and it was so irritating. Having heard from a friend who's a Pediatrician about the natural anti-inflammatory component of Olive Oil, I applied it on my lips religiously.

I poured the oil onto a small container with lid so it's easier to finger-dipping

Yes, everytime the oil was gone, I'd immediately re-apply. Basically, I was wearing olive oil round-the-clock, and that's the only thing that I put on my lips. And I kept on drinking lots of water as dehydration might have been its cause also. This summer heat that we're experiencing now has few disadvantages that we might suffer, so, better be cautious, and be healthy. Let's rule the summer, than vice versa to enjoy it to the max.

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