Friday, November 2, 2012

Rem's Halloween Fashion

If you’ll ask my daughter which is more exciting for her between Christmastime and Halloween, she’ll choose the latter. And that’s because of the thrill of having to wear costumes she’d like to wear for Tricks or Treats. She would always get a new costume each year, but we (and hubby) don’t have a choice but to give in to her because we can see how much fun she has every time.

This year, she joined two Halloween Tricks or Treats. One at the Shangri-la Plaza mall and the other was in our place (Bali Oasis, Pasig). For the one at the Shangri-la, she wore her Cleopatra costume or the Egyptian Princess.

At home, she wore the fairy Musa look of Winx Club. For this, I only had to buy her top as requested. This is all the way she liked it, and I am so proud of her for that. She’s not after winning the best costume, but, just to wear what she wants and to enjoy getting those goodies.I think we’ll be joining every year until she reach 12 years old.

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