Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bags Make Great Presents

Being a woman, I am so in love with bags and it started when my former job of six years did not provide us with office uniforms and wanted us to wear corporate attire. I wanted to look in color coordinates when it comes to my clothes, bags and shoes. Oh, these don’t have to be branded and expensive, the color and style matter more to me. I’ve already resigned but my love for bags and purses have never disappeared so I am always glad whenever I receive bags as presents just like the ones in photo.

The cloth flower designed bag (reversible) is from my dear friend, Lynn, the RL mini bag is from my cousin Carmel, the Tommy purse from my dear friend, Gianna and the stripes is from my wedding’s godfather, Fruto Jr. Thanks to all of them When it’s a bag, I really get to use it. So for me, bags are also practical presents because they could be fashionably useful.

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