Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Versatile Scarves

Being in a tropical country, scarves are must-haves for me. Why? Because when I'm literally outside, it's just so hot that I'm only in tank tops most of the time. But since going to the mall is my most common way of having fun with my daughter, I make sure I bring a scarf with me since it's already cold there due to the aircon.

To date, I have only 4 scarves and I really find it very versatile. Aside from that, it's trendy, and it's easy to bring because it's not bulky compared to a sweater or jacket. When it comes to its storage, I just hang them in one hanger.

There are a few ways scarves can be used, that's why I call them versatile. It could be used as:

* an accent on your clothes
* a headband
* a bag accent
* a swimwear cover-up at the beach
* a belt and more...

Scarves have different sizes and textures. You may choose anything that would suit your need. When it comes to colors, I usually use printed ones in contrast with the plain clothing or bag, but I make sure that the prints would in a way jive with the color of the item I want to accentuate with. Have you tried using scarves? If not, try it and I'm sure you'll love it!

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